A morning in my life

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

I love quiet mornings, slow mornings, easy mornings. My happiest mornings are the mornings when I wake up early enough and ease into my day.

No matter how much I try, the days I hate the most are the mornings when I am woken up into my day, it is always so annoying and because I have signed a non disclosure with myself and that part of my life, I sadly would not be sharing.

So what is my morning routine? (Inserts cool music, sets my camera and gets back into bed, – Content creators, you do this one). Yeah I get up at 5:30am to avoid being woken up, I play some Christian music, I have several worship playlist, I shuffle. I read my bible plan, T30 devotional and jump on a replay of my Nigerian church’s morning devotion.

Most times by this time I already have to be up, so I brush my teeth before I leave my room. I’ve found that if I don’t do this, I start spitting everywhere like a 2 months old pregnant woman.

When I manage to get a break from work duties in the morning, I get my workouts in.

However like every good morning routine, the secret is in the night before, and so I HAVE to share my lucky charm.

You see before now I always woke up tired in the mornings, yes no matter how long i slept. I have this hormonal disorder I’m struggling with, so I recognized it was most likely due to that.

I started taking Magnesium pills the night before, a trick I got off instagram, and that changed my life completely. I literally wake up and feel so energetic to start a walk.

So there, I raise you my ideal morning routine. I say ideal because I would like for all my mornings to start like this, however it doesn’t, most of my mornings are chaotic and I get called into work.

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