My trip to Blue Lagoon, Portland, Jamaica.

In October 2021 I took a trip to a tourist attraction site here in Jamaica called Blue lagoon.

The Blue lagoon is located in Port Antonio, the capital of Portland, A parish in the northeast coast of Jamaica.

It’s famous for its glistening waters, which is colored in different shades of blue, the colour is always blue, irrespective of the sun. The lagoon is surrounded by luscious green vegetations. It’s such a site to behold.

I live in Kingston, so it took a 3 hour drive to get there, we drove through junction road, Anotto Bay, Buff Bay castle town garden, where we saw beautiful landscapes and scenery.

The winding roads were steep, but I guess Jamaican Nationals are used to their roads.

Before we arrived, I had connected with a tour guide through Instagram, so he was already waiting on us. I’ll advise this because if you go without anyone in mind, everyone is going to try and hijack your car, the hassle is not one I recommend. (I’ll link his Instagram details at the end of the post). My tour guide was so kind and helpful especially when it came to taking my pictures, I’ll recommend him anytime, anywhere.

The blue lagoon is after the freshman cove, and another tourist attraction. The drive into the lagoon is through a very slim road,

Once we got into the lagoon, we packed our cars and came down then we located our tour guide homar. There are little kiosks that sell nice tourist gifts, there’s also a jerk stand because Jamaica is famous for her Jerk chicken and pork.

There are 2 ways to go across the Lagoon, first is the famous Bamboo raft, or with the boat. It all depends on which you would prefer. There’s a likkle makeshift changing room, for anyone who would like to change into something else.

The Bamboo rafting costs 4500JMD (30USD) per person, and a raft takes two adults at a time, the raft generally sails for 1hour and 30 minutes. The boat ride however costs 1500 JMD per person (10USD), it’s faster to go on the boat than the raft, but as the rivers girl that I am, I needed to explore new things hence why I chose the raft.

The tour starts from the Jetty and it goes down to lime cave and you also get to explore monkey Island.

There’s a likkle beach, at another side where you can swim to, or get a boat ride to, Sadly the only toilet in this place is on this beach, across the lagoon, it’s also a sad excuse for a toilet so it’s safe to go with the mindset of there are no toilets. There’s also water sports like kayaking and a little swing in the water…

On the beach

You can obviously bring your food into this place if you want. But there are bars and local stands where you can buy food.

What to bring with you



Change of clothes


Cash because the closest atm machine is in town .

Blue lagoon Port Antonio is a must see tourist destination in Portland Jamaica it’s best to go with company. There are easily several places to go bamboo rafting in Jamaica, Incase you were wondering, so please explore your options. If you would love to see a video, head over to my YouTube channel Here

Have you been to Blue lagoon? Or gone rafting before? Let us know in the comment session how it went.

The tour guide Homar

IG: bluelagoontours_

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