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It’s Christmas season! The holidays are finally here. A good way to celebrate Christmas is to curl up on the couch ,either alone or with friends and family, and binge watch Christmas movies. Here are a few good ones you can pick from.

1. The Knight before Christmas:

In this Christmas comedy, a medieval night is magically transported to present day and he tries to woo a high school teacher who he fell in love with. However, the high school teacher doesn’t believe in love. If you’re into holiday rom-com, then you should check this out.

2. The Princess Switch: 

This a romantic Christmas story but with a twist. Twostrangers(A Chicago Baker and a Duchess) who looked exactly alike, switch places for a few days and end up falling for each other’s partners. It goes on to have a spin off and then another spin off, I know what you are thinking, they should have left it cute at the first try, but the other two parts aren’t bad at all, take my word for it.

3. Alien Xmas:

This short animated Christmas movie is great for kids. When Aliens come to steal all the Christmas presents, a young elf saves the day.

4. Holiday Rush:

This is a heartfelt, family oriented Christmas movie .

When a widowed DJ and father of four loses his job, he and his family move in with his aunt and drop the luxurious life they were used to. This movie teaches that family and sharing love is what is important during Christmas.

5. The Christmas Chronicles:

This is a kid friendly comedy where a pair of siblings come up with a plan to capture Santa on camera. However, they end up teaming with Santa Claus to help save Christmas. 

6. Operation Christmas drop:

In this feel good romantic Christmas movie, Congressional assistant, Erica travels to a beach side Air force base to look for reasons to shut down the base as mandated by her boss.

She meets Andrew who showed her that the base has a yearly tradition of gifting the poor and putting smiles on faces every Christmas season. She later convinces her boss that the base should remain open. She and Andrew fall in love.


7. Holidate: Sloane is the only single person in her family and she occasionally gets judged for it.

When she meets Andrew, both of them decide to be each other’s platonic plus ones for the holiday. Along the line, romance ensues between them.

8. Home alone: If you’ve not watched this Christmas classic, I don’t know what to tell you.

Kevin is a spoilt eight year old who tries to protect his house from two con men after his family left him home alone during a Christmas vacation.

Again, if you have not watched it you definitely should. If you’ve watched it, watch it again. It’s funny and adventurous. It’s also a good pick for kids if you have them around during the holidays. Better yet it goes on until part 5.

9. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey: This is a family oriented Christmas musical.

Jeronicus Jangle is an eccentric toy maker. He is broken when his assistant steals his book of ideas and other priceless possessions. He retires from making toys till he’s visited by his granddaughter.

10. Love hard:

Natalie, an L.A writer, who has been unlucky with love finds her perfect match on a dating app. During the holidays, she decides to surprise Josh, her perfect match, with a visit. She is rudely shocked when she discovers she had been cat fished. If you’re looking for a cheesy Christmas rom-com, you should definitely check this out. I also like that they took their time to highlight a particular old Christmas song was rapey, and I think it was thoughtful of them to change the lyrics. Pointing out a problem and in the same breath bringing a solution is the way we want to go in 2022.

Make sure to grab your popcorn, snacks and a warm blanket to keep you comfy while you binge watch these interesting Christmas movies. Enjoy!

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