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Bolaji Ajibade

Hi, my name is Ajibade Bolaji but please, call me Beetee. I'm a creative so when I'm not doing that with my make up artistry, I'm writing about any and everything. I absolutely love listening to music, reading books and watching YouTube videos 😊 You can catch me on Twitter and IG @thebeetee_ @bybeetee_

Oladapo Eyitope; Editor of sisi Eko

IG; Eyitope_ Beauty and fashion enthusiast. Philosophy of Life: you don't have to break your account to look premium. "Helping ladies look good on a budget is my thing" Shopper on IG:@tops_thrift

Opeyemi Oyewo;

I'm Oyewo Opeyemi. I'm currently studying law at the university of Lagos. Most of my writings are inspired by my happenings in the society, matters that affect humanity (especially youths and women) and my random thoughts. I love to see the solution in every problem. My dream is to impact lives positively and make trillions in hard currency. So help me God. IG; @fhaavor_


My Happy readers!

Deinsebobo's blog is an eye opener to the realities of social mayhem hidden in homes, religious organisations, work places, circles of friends' & most importantly, the negative ripple effects on individuals' lives. I'm impressed & I've learnt a lot. I'm still going to learn more #KOSISOCHUKWU™️ 31/12/20

My Happy readers!

Dein Tamuno’s blog has enlightened me on a lot of issues from finance to true meaning of feminism and it reminds me that there’s work to be done by everyone of us seeking for a change especially in our community and we won’t stop until the whole world changes. This is to an amazing year with the purple diamond blog, more years of teaching more women out there that they have no limitations and can be all they desire and more 🥂
About me...

Hi, I am Dein Tamuno...

A multi-passionate woman. I am generally a peaceful person, until you cross me, then I remind you that nobody has monopoly of madness. I love women, working with and learning from them, I identify as a feminist and I have always been a strong believer of women coming together and pouring into each other, that is why I created this space.
In this safe house, we talk about everything from money to period problems, and anything important to women...

Once again, I am glad you came.....

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